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Fault Diagnosis Method for Rolling Element Bearings Under Variable Speed Based on TKEO and Fast-SC

  • Dan-chen ZhuEmail author
  • Yong-xiang Zhang
  • Qun-wei Zhu
Tools and Techniques


With rotating speed of rotating machinery, it is difficult to maintain stability in practical work which brings many difficulties to the condition monitoring of rotating machinery. When rolling element bearings work under variable speed, the corresponding vibration will contain obvious non-stationary characteristics, along with the presence of strong background noise, which makes it difficult for some traditional spectrum analysis methods to identify the characteristic frequency of bearings fault. In spite of the existence of strong non-stationary characteristics, the bearing fault signal has some hidden periodic components in the angle domain which makes it possible to extract the fault feature of bearings by means of spectral correlation analysis. Therefore, a fault feature extraction method based on Teager–Kaiser energy operator (TKEO) and fast spectral correlation (Fast-SC) in angle domain is proposed in this paper; Fast-SC is a newly proposed spectral correlation calculation method which can effectively improve the efficiency of computing; Teager–Kaiser energy operator can enhance the transient impact which also has a fast computing speed. In this paper, the instantaneous speed of each time is estimated by the time–frequency analysis method based on short-time Fourier transform and then, the original time-domain signal is resampled in angle domain; the TKEO is used to strengthen the fault impact components in signal; finally, the Fast-SC is applied to the strengthened signals, the enhanced envelope spectrum is calculated, and the fault features of rolling bearings are extracted. The effectiveness of the method is verified by measured signals.


Teager–Kaiser energy operator Fast-SC Rolling element bearings Fault diagnosis 


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  1. 1.Department of Power EngineeringNaval University of EngineeringWuhanChina

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