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Leica Microsystems Announces Education Partnership with ASM International

Leica Microsystems announces a new educational partnership with ASM International, the preeminent association for connecting materials professionals with the finest resources available—to solve problems, improve materials performance, and support professional development.

ASM will host classroom programs using inverted and digital microscopes for inspection and analysis in metallography, manufacturing, and materials research through this partnership. These programs will rely on sophisticated equipment from Leica Microsystems, including the Leica DMi8 modular inverted microscope system for the material sciences and the Leica DMS300 digital microscopy system, as well as Leica LAS X advanced measurement and image analysis software. The partnership between Leica and ASM will provide learning opportunities for new imaging techniques and the benefits of heads-up inspection.

“The partnership will allow ASM to expand its existing content and enhance the experience for both instructors and professionals,” says John Cerne, ASM International Senior Manager of Education.

For more information: Lon Nelson, Director of Sales-Microscopy, tel: 224/628.2467; e-mail:

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