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Bronze Alloy Development for Zinc Vapor Capture

  • Paul S. Korinko
Technical Article---Peer-Reviewed


After gamma-emitting 65Zinc was detected in a vacuum pumping system contained in a tritium glovebox, a series of experiments were undertaken to develop a method and material to trap zinc vapors in an area that is more suitable for preventing dose to workers. In this study, bronze alloys with 0–30% tin were prepared using a powder metallurgical process and exposed to three levels of zinc vapors. All of the alloys demonstrated acceptable zinc gettering capacity; however, low tin content bronzes are considered for further testing.


Radioactive contamination Zinc vapor Deposits 



Many people supported this work including Melissa Golyski and Adrian Mendez-Torres who provided SEM data and services, Craig Stripling who provided general laboratory support. This document and the research were prepared and conducted for the U.S. Department of Energy under contract number DEAC09-08SR22470 with Savannah River Nuclear Solution.


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