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Metal Dusting of Process Gas Heater Convection Tubes

  • Abdulaziz Al-Meshari
  • Gys van Zyl
  • Mazin Al-Musharraf
Case History---Peer-Reviewed


An investigation was conducted into a failure of convection section tubes in a process gas heater in a steel-making company. Thorough study using various characterisation techniques showed that the failure of the tubes, which were made of low-alloyed steel ASTM A335 P22, was attributed to metal dusting. The attack was accelerated because of the use of incompatible tube material for the intended operating conditions. Moreover, thermal fatigue cracks were discovered on the tube surfaces. Such cracks might have been caused by the high number of plant start-ups and shutdowns. Failure contributing factors and recommendations to avoid similar failure are discussed in this article.


Metal dusting Thermal fatigue Low-alloyed steel Process gas heater Convection section 


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  • Abdulaziz Al-Meshari
    • 1
  • Gys van Zyl
    • 1
  • Mazin Al-Musharraf
    • 1
  1. 1.Materials, Corrosion, Static Equipment DomainSABIC Technology CentreJubail Industrial CitySaudi Arabia

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