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Instrument Detects Oxygen in Silicon Ingots

Bruker Optics Inc. announces the Bruker SiBrickScan (SBS), said to be the first at-line Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) instrument allowing for the quantification of interstitial oxygen in complete silicon bricks and ingots. In contrast to classical approaches, the SBS does not require the preparation of thin samples, but directly determines the oxygen gradient along the ingot main axis, and is suitable for fast and economic quality control.

Knowing the oxygen gradient of silicon ingots can help to control and optimize the silicon crystallization process, or to identify batches of bad raw material. Therefore, SBS can help save costs by optimizing product quality and reducing the number of defective wafers. The random sampling of individual ingots can significantly reduce the number of sample preparation efforts required, and it provides relevant information much earlier than previous methods.

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