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Inspection and Analysis Software Enables Four Times Better Resolution

Inspect-X 5.0 from Nikon Metrology supports a new 16M-pixel flat panel detector that enables four times better resolution for CT scans. Designed for Nikon’s range of x-ray and CT systems, the latest release of the Inspect acquisition and analysis software also features the Golden Image Comparison tool, which automatically displays a reference image alongside a radiograph image during an automated (electronics) inspection routine. This allows operators to intelligently and immediately make a pass/fail sentence on the part being inspected.

Because Inspect-X 5.0 is now a native 64-bit application, it can support the higher-resolution detectors that offer sharper and clearer images. Also, the 64-bit system achieves faster processing and analysis, offering quicker insight and higher productivity. The new supported panel is available for the XT H 225 ST, XT H 320, and XT H 450 CT systems.

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