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Device Will Test Structural Integrity of Fusion Power Plant Materials

The Technology Department of the U.K. Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA) has a new arrival: a novel mechanical testing system called MeT1. Manufactured by Phoenix Calibration and Service Ltd, MeT1 is a bespoke device that enables rapid mechanical testing of materials at temperatures up to 750 °C (1380°F). The versatile equipment will be used for tensile and fatigue testing as well as a new technique known as “Small Punch” that can be used to measure creep properties and fracture toughness. Creep and fatigue are expected to be the main failure mechanisms for structural materials in a future fusion power plant.

Commenting on the importance of the Small Punch test, Professor Brad Wynne, Culham-Sheffield University Professor of Materials Technology, said: “Small Punch is an exciting new test that works by loading a very small sample until it breaks and then measuring the response. This method offers the potential to obtain...

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