Journal of Failure Analysis and Prevention

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Jun 8–10

Structural-Vibration Analysis: Design and Troubleshooting

Orlando, FL

This is an intermediate-level course. Learn how to compute the natural frequencies, mode shapes, and forced-vibration response of structures and structural components. Benchmarking analytical results with test results or field data is also taught. A variety of methods for reducing excessive vibrations in new as well as existing structures are discussed (frequency separation techniques, variety of dampers, vibration absorbers [tuned-mass dampers], vibration isolators). Rotating equipment and foundations, earthquake analysis, blast loads, vibration isolation, structure-fluid systems, and flow-induced vibrations are also discussed (2.1 CEUs).

Contact: American Society of Civil Engineers, P.O. Box 79162, Baltimore, MD 21279-0162; tel: 800/548-ASCE (2723) or 703/295-6300; fax: 703/295-6144; e-mail:; web:

Jun 13–14


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