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Analytical and Finite Element Method Based Stress Analysis of Rotary Elements: Case Study for the Motion Transmission Gears of a Rotary Drum Mower

  • H. Kursat Celik
  • Ibrahim Akinci
Technical Article---Peer-Reviewed


This paper focuses on a failure potential for rotary elements used in the agricultural machinery. It presents a structural stress analysis case study which is a comparative analysis using analytical and numerical (finite element method) methods. In the case study, the motion transmission gears of a rotary drum mower have been considered, and the stress distribution on the transmission gears has been investigated considering real loading conditions which were obtained from experimental field operations. The experimental part of the case study was carried out within a clover field. The clover field was harvested by the drum mower, and the loading force on the transmission gears was calculated through torque data measured from tractor power take-off during the harvesting operation. Subsequently, the torque data were used in the finite element method based commercial code to simulate stress distribution on the transmission gears in the digital environment. The simulation results were validated by making comparisons between analytical calculations and simulation examinations based on the material failure criterion. The numerical results and visual print-outs indicated that there was a good correlation between simulation and analytical results, and the stress magnitudes on the transmission gears were within the safe-operating range against maximum dynamic loading conditions. The study presented a simulation-driven stress analysis case study, which contributes to further research into the utilization of engineering simulation technology for agricultural machinery/equipment design.


Stress analysis Computer-aided engineering Design of agricultural machinery Rotary drum mower 



This paper is part of PhD research presented in the thesis of Dr. Celik, supported financially by The Scientific Research Projects Coordination Unit of Akdeniz University (Turkey) (Project No: 2011.03.0121.006). The authors would also like to express gratitude to Dr Allan E. W. Rennie (Lancaster University, United Kingdom) for his invaluable support and useful discussions throughout this research work.


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  1. 1.Department of Agricultural Machinery and Technologies Engineering, Faculty of AgricultureAkdeniz UniversityAntalyaTurkey

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