Journal of Failure Analysis and Prevention

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High-Vacuum SSRM AFM System Designed for Semiconductor Failure Analysis

The NX-Hivac AFM system for semiconductor failure analysis, from Park Systems, features high-vacuum scanning spreading resistance microscopy (SSRM) that enables 2-D carrier profiling of next-generation devices. It measures the high-resolution SSRM image under high-vacuum conditions to minimize sample-tip damage. High sensitivity and responsiveness to the current signal produce accurate measurement and repeatability. The NX-Hivac is suitable for academic and industrial customers who are interested in failure analysis solutions in highly doped semiconductor processing, where increasingly sophisticated failure analysis tools are required.

Designed with the capability for multiple sample loading (up to five), the NX-Hivac is also able to measure a wide dynamic range of dopant concentration (seven decades). Other features include a fast signal response even at the range of insulator–metal, where the conductance is being...

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