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ASM Publishes Second Edition of Steels

New information and references are integrated into the second edition of the best-selling book, Steels: Processing, Structure, and Performance, by George Krauss.

Emphasis is still on processing, alloying, microstructure, deformation, fracture, and properties of major steel types ranging from low-carbon sheet steels, pearlitic rail and wire steels, to quench and tempered medium- and high-carbon martensitic steels. Microstructural aspects of steelmaking, hardenability, tempering, surface hardening, and embrittlement phenomena are updated, and chapters on stainless and tool steels remain in the second edition.

The work is intended to be tutorial and is an essential state-of-the-art reference for anyone that makes, uses, studies, and designs with steel.

Comprehensive, Current Book on Titanium Available

Titanium: Physical Metallurgy, Processing, and Applications, a new book edited by F.H. Froes, covers all aspects of the history, physical metallurgy, corrosion behavior, cost factors, and current and potential uses of titanium.

The history of titanium is traced from its early beginnings through the work of Kroll, to the present day broadening marketplace. Extensive detail on extraction processes is discussed, as well as the various β to α transformations and details of the powder metallurgy techniques. The relationship of microstructure to mechanical properties and the topic of corrosion are described in detail. A comprehensive section presents applications of titanium.

Anyone involved in any aspect of titanium science, technology, or application (including personnel in industry, government, and academia) can benefit from this book.

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