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System Designed for Static Optical Failure Analysis of Wafers

DCG Systems has released the Meridian M system for isolation of routine and challenging electrical faults at the wafer level. Offering photon emission for transistor-level defects and leakage, and a complete portfolio of static laser stimulation techniques for metallization defects, the Meridian M system is a critical tool to support production use cases in memory and foundry failure analysis labs. Its high-sensitivity, extended-wavelength DBX optics capture even the most challenging faults, including:
  • Large-area process variation in advanced memory devices that can lead to anomalous leakage

  • High-resistivity wordline to wordline or bitline to bitline shorts within memory cells

  • Resistive faults in low-voltage GPUs and other low-voltage logic circuits

  • Any weakly emitting faults requiring long integration time

The Meridian M system also captures electrical faults that emit photons primarily in the thermal range (>1850 nm),...

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