Journal of Failure Analysis and Prevention

, Volume 15, Issue 6, pp 816–818 | Cite as


  • Diane Whitelaw


Feb 1–3

Heat Treating for the Non-heat Treater Open image in new window

Hilton Garden Inn, North Charleston, SC

This course is for the non-heat treater (part designers, material specifiers, purchasing agents, and technicians) who need a basic education in heat treating and need to learn how to “speak the language.” The focus will be on the value added by heat treating. The effects that heat treating process parameters (time, temperature, and atmospheres) have on the final properties of a product and the links between microstructure and mechanical properties are discussed, as well as reasons for distortion, cracking, and part rejections (2.0 CEUs).

Feb 21–25

Hot Rolling Fundamentals: A Practical Training Seminar in Conjunction with Plate Rolling Fundamentals

The Hilton Birmingham Perimeter Park, Birmingham, AL

This seminar provides a comprehensive overview of hot rolling, both of strip and plate. The course covers fundamentals, metallurgical and quality requirements, equipment,...


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