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Nikon Wins ‘Best of West’ Award for Immersion Scanner

Nikon Precision has won the 2014 Best of West Award for its NSR-S630D Immersion Scanner, which incorporates newly designed optics that deliver multiple levels of active control and key innovations to deliver mix-and-match overlay (MMO) capabilities below 2.5 nm. The award recognizes important product and technology developments in the microelectronics supply chain. The Best of West finalists were selected based on their financial impact on the industry, engineering or scientific achievement, and/or societal impact.

The NSR-S630D builds on the Streamlign platform, incorporating further developments in stage, optics, and autofocus technology with “sustained stability” to enable the 10/7 nm node. Additionally, the S630D provides throughput ≥250 wafers per hour (WPH) and is compatible with advanced software solutions.

For more information: Nikon Precision Inc., 1399 Shoreway Road, Belmont, CA 94002-4107; tel: 800/44-NIKON...

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