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Article Explains ISO 9001 Revisions for Manufacturers

Following the latest update to the revision process for ISO 9001, the global Quality Management System (QMS) standard, Manufacturing.Net has recently published a conversation with LRQA’s Senior Technical Manager for North America, Michael Harder, about what ISO issuing ISO/DIS 9001:2014 means for organizations. Questions that are addressed include:
  • Now that the ISO/DIS 9001:2014 has been issued, what is the first thing that ISO 9001:2008 certified organizations should be thinking about or doing?

  • What are some of the other new topics in ISO/DIS 9001:2014?

  • What tools can organizations apply to help them get ready for the transition?

  • Who are the most important internal interested parties for organizations in relation to the ISO 9001 revision?

  • Will all organizations have to go through the same degree of change to meet the new requirements?

  • Could things still change before the final ISO 9001:2015 is issued?

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