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Online XRF Analyzer Characterizes Coatings in Real Time

Based on X-ray fluorescence spectrometry, the S2 KODIAKonline coating analyzer from Bruker delivers information about both coating thickness and layer composition in real time. Applications for this unique technology include analysis of sheet metal, glass, thin film solar cells, paper coatings, and polymer films. Data from the analyzer enables coating manufacturers to optimize their coating processes while establishing higher product quality, increasing factory output, and enhancing cost efficiency of their production. With a custom-designed high-resolution silicon drift detector and rugged X-ray tube technology, the S2 KODIAK delivers accuracy and precision in layer thickness monitoring, allowing instant feedback to the production process.

With a fully enclosed stainless steel cabinet and advanced Peltier-cooled detector, the S2 KODIAK can be mounted in any direction above or below sheet metal, glass, or polymer films, or can be...

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