Journal of Failure Analysis and Prevention

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Oct 7–8

Advanced High Strength Steels for Vehicle Weight Reduction

SAE Automotive Headquarters, Troy, MI

This seminar will focus on identifying appropriate applications of advanced high-strength steels (AHSS) in the body and chassis for vehicle weight reduction. Recent steel applications will be presented, including factors which contributed to the appropriateness of using Advanced High Strength Steel versus mild steels or Conventional High Strength Steels (CHSS). Advantages of AHSS, as well as obstacles that may impede its use will be covered. Relative performance of alternate materials for weight reduction, particularly aluminum alloys, will be explored. A number of examples from industry will be presented to demonstrate the types of analyses which will have to be performed to lead to successful applications of AHSS. Extensive reference will be made to advanced analysis and testing methods without going into the details of the methodology. Finally, a future roadmap of AHSS...


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