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Australian Coastal Fence Case Study Evaluates Stainless Steels

Australia’s Pacific Coast near Brisbane is a popular year round vacation destination that is developing rapidly. Vacationers are drawn by the area’s warm climate, clean air, miles of beaches, and superb surfing conditions. While the rapid growth has made new facilities necessary, including many handrails, balustrades, and swimming pool fences, this area is a corrosive environment for construction materials.

Type 304 and type 316 stainless steels were used for a fence around a seawater swimming pool adjoining the ocean. Later, the results of a case study determined that type 304 is not appropriate for coastal applications unless: (a) a very smooth finish is specified, (b) there is regular cleaning, and (c) some staining between cleanings is acceptable. Type 316 is generally the most cost effective choice, and it performs well in most coastal, low-to-moderate pollution environments as long as smooth surface finishes are...

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