Journal of Failure Analysis and Prevention

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October 2012 Industry Updates


Wireless System Monitors Condition of Bridges, Power Plants, Roller Coasters

Researchers at Aalto University, Finland, are developing an intelligent system to automatically monitor the condition of structures, at times even in real time. Intelligent sensors are attached to the structure to be monitored that will then measure the movement of the structure. Using a wireless radio connection, preprocessed measurement data is automatically transferred to a computer that analyzes the measurement results. “There is a large number of potential applications: bridges, skyscrapers, pipe systems in nuclear power plants, wind parks, cranes, spacecrafts, ships, theme park rides,” lists Jyrki Kullaa, the leader of ISMO project focused on developing the system.

Monitoring the condition of a structure can be based on repeated vibration measurements conducted at different times. For example, reduced vibration frequency within a structure indicates damage to the structure and a decrease in rigidity. The...

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