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California Nuclear Plant Tubes Exhibit Excessive Wear

As reported by the Associated Press, the operator of an idled nuclear plant on the California coast has announced that more unusual wear was found on tubing that carries radioactive water, the latest disclosure in a mystery involving the plant’s steam generators. Investigators had been puzzled as to why tube damage appeared different in the side-by-side units, even though the equipment is essentially identical. Southern California Edison said in a statement that investigators at the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station found additional damage on tubes in its Unit 2 generators that is similar to degradation in its sister reactor, Unit 3, though at a lower level. The new findings show “all of the generators are exhibiting the same kind of wear, though the wear in Unit 3 is more excessive than in Unit 2,” Nuclear Regulatory Commission spokesman Victor Dricks said.

The trouble began to unfold in late January, when the Unit 3 reactor...

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