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FE-SEM Series Offers Sub-nanometer Imaging, Sub-100-nm Analysis

The JSM-7100F series of field emission scanning electron microscopes (FE-SEM) from Jeol USA offers expanded imaging and analysis capabilities customizable to performance requirements. By combining large beam currents with a small probe size at any accelerating voltage, sub-nanometer imaging capabilities and analytical characterization at the sub-100-nm scale are achieved.

Designed for the budget-conscious lab, this versatile, easy-to-use analytical field emission SEM features a unique “in-lens field emission gun,” delivering ≥200 nA of beam current to the sample. An aperture angle control lens (ACL) automatically optimizes both small probe current spot size for high-resolution imaging and spot shape for high beam current, high-resolution microanalysis, while a beam deceleration mode curtails charging on nonconductive specimens such as ceramics, semiconductors, and polymers. For advanced high-resolution capabilities, the...

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