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Nonvisual Defect Inspection Service Offered to Semiconductor Manufacturers

Qcept Technologies Inc. introduces its ChemetriQ Inspection Services that enable IC manufacturers and equipment vendors to implement nonvisual defect (NVD) inspection programs uniquely tailored to their needs prior to purchasing a Qcept ChemetriQ NVD inspection system.

With Q-Services, customers send their substrates to Qcept, which provides an inspection scan with its patented scanning Surface Potential Difference Imaging (SPDI) sensor technology, and then conducts data analysis and reporting relative to the customer’s experimental studies. Customers that can benefit from Q-Services include wafer and IC manufacturers, as well as process equipment suppliers. In addition, because Q-Services can be used for non-wafer-shaped substrates as well as sub-200-mm diameter wafers, non-CMOS device manufacturers can also engage with Qcept to explore potential NVD inspection applications for optimizing their manufacturing...

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