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EUV Microscope Provides Laserlike Coherence and 2000× Magnification for Lithography

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has partnered with leading semiconductor manufacturers to develop an advanced extreme ultraviolet microscope that produces an EUV beam with laserlike coherence and magnification of 2000× . Called SHARP (Semiconductor High-NA Actinic Reticle Review Project), the new microscope will be dedicated to photolithography.

An angle-scanning mirror in the new microscope’s beamline illuminator will take the highly coherent ALS light and steer it into patterns, like a miniature laser light show, breaking and reshaping the coherence properties. In this way, the SHARP microscope will replicate the properties of current and future tools for lithography production and research, giving researchers the most advanced look at what is to come. SHARP is called an “actinic” microscope because it is based on the same EUV wavelengths used in production. Thus, this microscope will enable...

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