Journal of Failure Analysis and Prevention

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Why Not Honor?

  • McIntyre R. Louthan

The broadcast and print media are filled with scandal assessments. Politicians, business leaders, university officials and sports figures are caught lying, cheating and otherwise engaging in unethical behavior. ESPN The Magazine stated that the 2010-2011 season was “the most scandalous year in college sports” and discussed “sin and shame on the field”. Almost every sector of society seems to be facing dishonest behavior and dealing with unscrupulous individuals has become common place. Such behavior is certainly not new. The 22 Chapter of Exodus begins with the words “if a man steals a cow or a sheep…”. However, the tendency for society to tolerate unethical behavior is certainly increasing and many championships become tainted because the players and coaches have lacked honor.

“It is easier to win a championship than to be a champion” my Dad told our high school basketball team shortly after we had won the Virginia State Group II Basketball Championship in 1956. Several of us were...

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