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  • McIntyre R. Louthan

A young co-worker was more than a little cynical in describing a “typical” engineering graduate, entering the workforce in 2011. He was concerned about their work ethic, their desire to learn and their organizational skills. Basically, my friend felt that today’s youth think that their life should focus on fun and that neither work nor responsibility should interfere with social activity. Many, if not most, students at research universities enter college with at least a semester of “college credits” awarded for high school work. Some students have enough credits to by-pass their entire freshman year. These so-called college credits enable the student to take only 12 credit hours each semester and still graduate in four years. If the student studies two hours for each hour in class this “full time load” equates to a 36 hour work week with no overtime or homework. Dating, partying, other social activities couple with a little sleep to fill the other 152 h in the week. There is no...

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