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Early Defect Detection Prevents Power Generation Component Failures

During “outage” season, or the months of low power demand, Veracity Technology Solutions (Veracity), an AGC Aerospace & Defense company, works with power generation companies to perform nondestructive inspection on GE Frame 5 and 7 engines, and also steam turbines using borescope, advanced impedance plane analysis eddy current, linear array ultrasonic, and boresonic services for lifetime extension. With its proprietary systems and medical grade technology, Veracity provides real time data to customers regarding the “health” of engine and turbine components such as stators, compressor blades, and disks.

“Our goal is to detect any possible failure as early as possible so that the utilities can repair or replace components before it impacts their customers,” commented Gary Hensley, Veracity President. “The fidelity of the data our system provides is key,” said Kevin McKinley, Veracity Vice President of Development. “With...

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