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Philadelphia Law Firm Investigating Hyundai Santa Fe Defects

Saltz Mongeluzzi Barrett & Bendesky, P.C. (SMBB) has begun a nationwide investigation into a rear trailing arm defect in model year 2001-2005 Hyundai Santa Fe vehicles. Hyundai has recently announced a recall that would offer partial solutions for some car owners.

The firm is investigating reports that the Santa Fe’s rear trailing arm, part of the rear suspension, has no anti-corrosion coating and lacks sufficient drain holes—all of which contributes to premature corrosion and deterioration of the trailing arm and other rear suspension parts. Engineering experts report that, over time, the defect can cause changes in vehicle operation, including a lowering of vehicle height, tire misalignment, steering pull, and creaking sounds from the suspension. If the corrosion is allowed to progress, the rear trailing arm may fracture while driving, leading to a loss of vehicle control and other serious consequences.

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