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Polymer Reference Book Covers Polymer Examination Techniques

The aim of the Polymer Reference Book, written by T.R. Crompton and available from the website of Research and Markets, is to familiarize the reader with all aspects of the techniques used in the examination of polymers, including chemical, physiochemical, and purely physical methods of examination.

This book describes the types of techniques now available to the polymer chemist and technician, and discusses their capabilities, limitations, and applications. All types of modern instrumentation are covered including those used in general quality control, research analysis, process monitoring, and for determining the mechanical, electrical, thermal, and optical characteristics. Aspects such as automated analysis and computerized control of instruments are also included. The book is 704 pages with over 1800 references.

For more information: Research and Markets, Guinness Centre, Taylors Lane, Dublin 8, Ireland; tel: 646/607-1907...

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