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High-Performance Film Exceeds Expectations in Radio Frequency Tags

When O.T.A.-Bieletro, a Brazilian company specializing in solutions for identification and traceability, wanted a high-performance film for the encapsulation of its RFID tags used on a truck manufacturing line, it chose APTIV film based on Victrex PEEK polymer. The film offers properties including the ability to withstand the extreme temperatures encountered during the vehicle’s painting cycle without any loss in radio frequency signal reception capacity from the device.

The RFID tag is a 0.5 mm thick sensor affixed on each truck chassis that remains there during the entire production process. “The critical point in the process is the painting line, during which the truck is exposed to a very aggressive environment,” explained O.T.A. director Xavier Landmarks. “The challenge was to find a material that is resistant to painting cycle temperatures of 180, 200, and 220 °C (356, 392, and 428 °F). The tags are exposed to...

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