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Book Published on PVC Degradation and Stabilization

PVC degradation during processing and use has always been one of the most essential elements of PVC science and technology. Many approaches to stabilization have changed and some groups of stabilizers are not used in new production. The book PVC Degradation & Stabilization has been written to show new trends and directions for formulation of PVC that is free of any toxic additives.

Separate chapters review information on chemical structure, PVC manufacturing technology, morphology, degradation by thermal energy, and UV, gamma, and other forms of radiation, mechanodegradation, chemical degradation, analytic methods used in studying of degradative and stabilization processes, stabilization, and the effect of PVC and its additives on health, safety, and the environment. This book contains analysis of all essential papers published until recently on the subject and either locates the answers to relevant questions and offers solutions or...

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