Journal of Failure Analysis and Prevention

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The Demolition Derby

  • McIntyre R. Louthan

A good failure analysis frequently includes recommendations for operational or system modifications that will mitigate the potential for similar failures in the future. Generally, the failure analysis culture assumes that failure should be avoided, not sought. This concept was severely challenged recently when my wife, Fran, and I attended a demolition derby at the New River Valley Fair. Fran had taken several of our grandchildren to demolition derbies at previous fairs and knew what to expect, but I was totally shocked at what we observed. There were about 30 cars entered in the derby. Although the cars weren’t in pristine shape, all 30 were drivable. Each car/driver combination made an “entrance” into the stadium. Some drivers would put the car into a spin or slide, some would “peel out,” and some would simply race around the track. The track wasn’t large. It was approximately a square that was about 30 yards long on each side. The noise made by the cars during their entries into...

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