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Dec 2-3

Symposium on Improving Reliability and Consistency in Thermal Spray

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Building on the very successful Sensors and Controls conference in 2004, the ASM Thermal Spray Society is hosting this conference to explore emerging technologies, practices, training, and certification processes and discuss ways that these factors will impact the thermal spray industry by providing improved reliability and consistency of thermal spray coatings. The two-day program will feature presentations from highly experienced thermal spray practitioners, engineers, and scientists.

Contact: Customer Service Center, ASM International, Materials Park, OH 44073; tel: 800/336-5152, ext. 0 or 440/338-5151, ext. 0; fax: 440/338-4634; e-mail:; web:

Dec 7-10

3rd International Conference on Processing Materials for Properties (PMP-III)

Bangkok, Thailand

PMP-III, the third international conference on processing materials...


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