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Industrial Case Histories: Who is to Blame?

  • Kevin R. Guy
Case History---Peer-Reviewed


This paper is a series of case histories encountered over the past three years. While each case history is not necessarily outstanding in its own right, they do show the type of equipment problems encountered in today’s industrial environment. Many problems were manifested by the lack of forethought on the part of the management team and in other cases the forethought by management eliminated additional problems. The paper will cover cases that are fairly in-depth requiring rotor dynamic modeling, structural modeling or both. Each case has a lesson to be learned. This paper is an attempt to provide a resource of information with examples as a reference on specific problems with specific types of equipment. The goal of the paper is to help point the analyst in the right direction for developing an analysis plan and securing a solution to the problem. Each history includes a brief discussion on what equipment was utilized for the analysis. All cases presented in the paper show that planning during the analysis phase will lend itself to a successful resolution to the problem. In addition all cases show that a single piece of equipment (i.e. Data Collector) will not be adequate for the analysis.


Misalignment Sub-harmonic resonance Imbalance  Blade pass  Whirl  Whip  Structural resonance  Variable frequency drives  Bearing defect frequency  Gear mesh 

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