Journal of Failure Analysis and Prevention

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Serving the Community

  • McIntyre R. Louthan

Bill and Jo Carole Atkins, our next door neighbors, hung a bird feeder on an old oak tree that is adjacent to their deck. Within weeks, many varieties of birds were making regular visits to the feeder. The birds were accompanied by squirrels, flying squirrels, and other rodents feasting on the seed that had dropped to the ground beneath the feeder. Jo Carole works awfully hard to keep the squirrels away. On one occasion she crept out on the deck and grabbed the tail of a squirrel that was so involved with eating that he failed to pay attention to his surroundings. When Jo Carole grabbed the tail, the squirrel jumped straight up from the feeder and Jo Carole jumped straight back toward the door. But even the tail pulling hasn’t kept the squirrels from the feeder. Squirrels are inventive and self-serving and are generally a pest in the neighborhood. Squirrels aren’t as bad as deer, but that’s another story. The Atkins eventually concluded that if they were going to serve the birds, they...

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