Journal of Failure Analysis and Prevention

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Industry Updates


Global Use of Surface Inspection Equipment is Analyzed

Surface inspection is widely used on a global basis, with North American and European manufacturers comprising the largest proportion of end-users at 34.5% and 35.4%, respectively. Some of the key surface inspection equipment vendors are headquartered in North America. Driven by replacement demand from existing equipment and automated systems, it is expected that the North American market will grow further in the next few years. The shift of manufacturing activity from the developed West European markets to those in the east has resulted in steady demand from this region, thus ensuring Europe’s increasing market share. Asia Pacific, which represents 24.4% of the worldwide surface inspection market revenues, continues to offer significant demand due to its position as the current manufacturing hub of the world and its tremendous domestic demand opportunities. The rest-of-the-world market segment contributes 5.7% of the overall...

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