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Wafer-Level STEM System Includes Ultrahigh-Resolution Imaging and Analysis

Following the success of its Expida 1255 wafer DualBeam system for semiconductor labs, FEI has introduced the next-generation tool in the product family, the Expida 1255S. It is the first wafer DualBeam system to integrate wafer-level scanning/transmission electron microscopy (STEM) sample preparation with ultrahigh-resolution imaging and analysis in a single tool. The Expida 1255S features an advanced ion beam column for preparing TEM samples and an enhanced electron column with a 14-segment STEM detector for high-resolution 30 kV imaging.

Until now, advanced sample preparation and handling often caused frustrating delays and required the use of multiple systems and processes to create high-quality TEM samples. The Expida 1255S assures correct end-pointing and precise lamella thickness by enabling STEM imaging while milling the TEM sample to its final location and required thickness.

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