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Cracking Open Construction Vibrations

  • Glenn Stewart

We live in a world where there is construction activity all around us. Schools are being constructed, bridges built, residential areas developed, streets widened and roads repaired. All this activity involves heavy equipment such as earthmoving machinery, large trucks and compactors. Amidst all this activity is loud noise, dust and ground vibrations. Ground vibrations, in particular, pose conditions that rightly are of concern to contractors, construction companies and neighboring property owners.

The common concern is that ground vibrations produced by construction activity can harm surrounding property. This concern has led to a body of technical knowledge correlating measured levels of ground vibration to structural damage. The same concern has led to procedures that can be followed at a construction site to reduce the likelihood of damage to surrounding property and to address issues of damage should such arise.

What is Ground Vibration?

Stand near a roadway when a heavy truck...


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