Journal of Failure Analysis and Prevention

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Aligning with the Facts

  • McIntyre R. Louthan

The United States Coast Guard Academy annually conducts an Ethics Forum. I have been privileged to speak at the Forum for the last three years. This year the privilege was enhanced because of the presence of the founder of Chicken Soup for the Soul, Dan Clarke. He was an outstanding speaker with an outstanding message; a message that pushes toward the heart of the failure analysis process. I’m not capable of reproducing Dan’s message, but I am going to apply some of his ideas to the failure analysis industry.

The failure analyst is often required to provide a report, a presentation, and/or a discussion of “the evidence” and to use that evidence to sway the opinion of corporate executives, insurance agents, lawyers, judges, and jurors. Truth, or the quest for truth, should always guide the failure analysis process, but unfortunately, the failure analyst is often funded by an organization that is more interested in finding fault than finding facts. This is especially true if the fault...

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