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Nitrogen Vending Tire Inflation Station Aims to Reduce Tire Failure

The UltraAir Nitrogen Vending Station from TireLast Systems is a cashless, RFID, smart-card-operated, self-service nitrogen gas dispenser for autos and light trucks. UltraAir nitrogen is compressed air with the oxygen and moisture removed. “Car and light truck owners have been asking us for a self-service vending unit that will enable them to fill their tires with nitrogen easily and inexpensively,” said TireLast president Nick Verini. “Drivers will now be able to get nitrogen on the road with 24-hour access.”

Verini states, “Oxygen and moisture in air diffuses through tires 30 to 40% faster than nitrogen, resulting in under-inflated tires. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that we could save two million gallons of gasoline every day if our tires were properly inflated. Furthermore, tires sometimes fail on the road due to blow-outs, which may be caused by weakening of the tire’s internal steel belts. Research...

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