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  • Jo Hannah Leyda
Training Opportunities

Apr 2-4, Aug 27-29

Introduction to Metallographic Lab Practices

ASM World Headquarters, Materials Park, OH

This is an introductory course developed to provide an overview of laboratory processes and use of equipment. It is designed for people who are new to metallurgy or who need a solid overview of metallurgical laboratory practices. It will be beneficial to those involved in purchasing, sales, or other nontechnical areas (2.0 CEUs).

Apr 11-13

Fundamentals of Brazing

ASM World Headquarters, Materials Park, OH

The intention of this course is not to teach how to braze, but to give some insight as to what happens during the process of the bonding of two materials with a metallic filler material. This course helps in the understanding of the phase changes, the interactions, the metallurgy, and the equipment, all leading up to why we braze and why we join together with a metallic bond rather than a metallic fusion such as welding (2.0 CEUs).

Apr 16-20, Oct 8-12

Elements of Metallurgy


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