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An Introduction to Engineered Plastic Cooling Towers

  • Ed Sullivan

The continual maintenance of a metal cooling tower can be catastrophically expensive if a failed or leaking cooling tower shuts down a process, so many industries are converting to engineered plastic cooling towers.

In production areas that involve harsh chemicals or corrosive environmental elements such as coastal air, galvanized metal cooling towers (Fig.  1) are often problematic, requiring frequent cleaning, patching, and early retirement. When it comes to handling the heat generated in the chemical and other process industries, taking a cooling tower offline due to pH problems, scale, leakage, or unplanned cleaning can be disastrous, delaying production and shipments for days or even weeks. Maintenance costs for those often unnoticed-yet-critical towers, such as water treatment, filtration equipment, and manual cleaning, are also an important consideration. Water deposits that coat or foul heat exchangers can cause far more expensive problems, including lowering process...


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