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Biomaterials: Thermal Spray Processes and Applications

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Co-editors Christopher Berndt and Andrew S.M. Ang acknowledge support from the Australian Research Council (ARC) Centre for Innovative BioEngineering that is based at the University of Sydney, Australia, under Director Prof. Hala Zreiqat. This Centre has been funded under the Industrial Transformation Training Centre (ITTC) scheme. The co-editors thank the authors for their splendid contributions that make this Special Issue “quite special.”


Co-editors Christopher Berndt and Andrew S.M. Ang, with the agreement of co-editor Rehan Ahmed and close colleague Prof. Michael Khor (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore), dedicate this JTST Special Issue to Prof. Philip Hong Ning Cheang. Professor Cheang (aka ‘Doc Phil’) graduated from Monash University in 1989 with his PhD thesis titled, “The microstructural and mechanical properties of plasma sprayed coatings.” He passed away on May 15, 2018 from natural causes at the age of 58; far too young. Doc Phil formed a dominant academic and collegial partnership with Prof. Khor at NTU for several decades; the outcomes of which continue to this day with a cadre of former students, including Dr. Ang, who now have good careers in their chosen fields. Together they changed forever the landscape of thermal spray, biomaterials, and cold spray in Singapore with global impacts. Doc Phil grew from being my student, to a colleague, to a mentor and leader in his own right. We are certain that Doc. Phil would smile when we say, “May he rest in peace.”

Guest Editors

Andrew Ang, PhD

Swinburne University of Technology, Australia

Rehan Ahmed, PhD

Herriot Watt University, UK

Christopher C. Berndt, PhD, Deng

Swinburne University of Technology, Australia

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