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The Characterization of Twin-Wire Arc-Sprayed FeCrBSi Coating and the Application in Sewage Sludge Boilers


Incineration in boilers is an environment-friendly treatment for industrial and civil sewage sludge. However, due to the aggressive nature of the sludge, the boiler fireside-surface is subjected to severe wear, erosive, and high temperature corrosion problems during incineration. In this study, we developed an economical FeCrBSi wire material with iron weight content as high as 80%. The coating was prepared by twin-wire arc spraying processing. The chemical compositions of the coating, as well as phase components were analyzed by energy-dispersive spectroscopy and x-ray diffraction method. The surface roughness, porosity, and cross-sectional morphology were further characterized. The coating hardness is close to that of the commercial Armacor M and Armacor C materials. In-boiler test was also carried out. The low thickness loss of the tube indicates a promising application future in sludge boilers.

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The authors are grateful to Mr. Yongbing Pu and Mr. Zuoying Xiong for spraying testing samples and in-boiler tubes, to Ms. Yan Liu and Mr. Yunting Lai for XRD and EDS analysis.

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