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Microstructure and Electrochemical Behavior of Fe-Based Amorphous Metallic Coatings Fabricated by Atmospheric Plasma Spraying

  • Z. ZhouEmail author
  • L. Wang
  • D. Y. He
  • F. C. Wang
  • Y. B. Liu
Peer Reviewed


A Fe48Cr15Mo14C15B6Y2 alloy with high glass forming ability (GFA) was selected to prepare amorphous metallic coatings by atmospheric plasma spraying (APS). The as-deposited coatings present a dense layered structure and low porosity. Microstructural studies show that some nanocrystals and a fraction of yttrium oxides formed during spraying, which induced the amorphous fraction of the coatings decreasing to 69% compared with amorphous alloy ribbons of the same component. High thermal stability enables the amorphous coatings to work below 910 K without crystallization. The results of electrochemical measurement show that the coatings exhibit extremely wide passive region and relatively low passive current density in 3.5% NaCl and 1 mol/L HCl solutions, which illustrate their superior ability to resist localized corrosion. Moreover, the corrosion behavior of the amorphous coatings in 1 mol/L H2SO4 solution is similar to their performance under conditions containing chloride ions, which manifests their flexible and extensive ability to withstand aggressive environments.


atmospheric plasma spraying electrochemical behavior Fe-based amorphous coating microstructure 


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  • L. Wang
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  • D. Y. He
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  • F. C. Wang
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  • Y. B. Liu
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  2. 2.School of Materials Science and EngineeringBeijing Institute of TechnologyBeijingChina

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