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Infrared Radiation Coatings Fabricated by Plasma Spray


Infrared radiation coatings were prepared by plasma spray on the copper sheet. The structure and emissivity were examined by x-ray diffraction and infrared radiant instrument, respectively. The results show that an appropriate addition of TiO2 (5-15 wt.%) to NiO and Cr2O3 leads to high emissivity of coating with (Cr0.88Ti0.12)2O3 and NiCr2O4 phase. However, more (20-30 wt.%) will frustrate the formation of NiCr2O4 and ultimately decrease the emissivity. Moreover, the coating prepared by plasma spray endures a long working time without emissivity decrease.

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The authors would like to thank Yu Zeng and Ping Ye of China National Infrared & Industrial Electrothermal Products Quality Supervision & Testing Centre, for the infrared normal total emissivity measurements of the coatings.

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  • emissivity
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