Manufacturing of Ultra-Fine Particle Coal Fly Ash–A380 Aluminum Matrix Composites with Improved Mechanical Properties by Improved Ring Milling and Oscillating Microgrid Mixing


An experimental study is presented of ultra-fine coal fly ash (CFA) aluminum matrix composites produced by successive high-power ring milling of CFA, oscillating microgrid mixing of the CFA–aluminum melt, gravity casting and rapid cooling. Samples corresponding to different CFA concentrations and particle size distributions (1 μm average, or less) are produced and subjected to microstructural and mechanical characterization, including tensile, compressive, impact, hardness and wear testing. While the usual trade-off between increased strength and hardness and reduced ductility and toughness is observed, the obtained ultra-fine particle composites are confirmed to have overall improved mechanical properties compared to composites with larger size particles previously produced by ball milling.

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This work was supported by the internal fund for research of Nazarbayev University (Project NANOCAST, Grant No. SOE2016002) and the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan. The authors would also like to thank the thermal power plants of Oskemen and Astana cities for generously providing with CFA samples to carry out the studies.

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  • A380 aluminum alloy
  • high-energy ring milling
  • metal matrix composites
  • mechanical testing
  • ultra-fine coal fly ash (CFA)