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Local Ratcheting Response in Dissimilar Metal Weld Joint: Characterization Through Digital Image Correlation Technique

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Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance Aims and scope Submit manuscript


Ratcheting fatigue behavior of different alloys and their weld joints has been a topic of interest in the past few decades. However, little information is available about the ratcheting response in different zones, when a composite weld section is subjected to asymmetric loading cycle. This work aims at understanding the local ratcheting response in various zones of a dissimilar metal weld (DMW) joint. Digital image correlation technique has been used to measure local ratcheting strain components of a DMW joint. Accumulation of ratcheting strain in various zones of a DMW joint was found to be different, harder region accumulating negligible and softer region accumulating larger local ratcheting strain. Fatigue crack initiation or neck formation occurred in soft region owing to high ratcheting strain accumulation.

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