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Effects of Sodium Hypophosphite on the Behaviors of Electrodeposited NiWP Alloy Coatings

In this paper, ternary NiWP alloy coatings were prepared by electrodeposition, and the effects of sodium hypophosphite (NaH2PO2) concentration on the properties of the coatings, including the deposition rate, current efficiency, composition, surface morphology, corrosion resistance, and microhardness, were investigated. Results reveal that the deposition rate and current efficiency are mainly dependent on the NaH2PO2 concentration in the plating bath. The deposition rate reaches a maximum value of 8.70 μm/h with a NaH2PO2 concentration of 10 g/L, whereas the total current efficiency decreases from 33.10 to 27.80%. As the concentration of NaH2PO2 increases, the grain size of the obtained coatings gradually decreases. Moreover, when the NaH2PO2 concentration is 6 g/L, the NiWP alloy coatings possess a microhardness value of 663.7 HV.

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The authors acknowledge the financial support from the Higher School of Science and Technology of Hebei Province in China under Grant No. ZD2014055. Research work in this paper is also supported by China Scholarship Council.

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JY conceived the project. MY, HS, and LZ designed the experiments.

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