Constitutive Modeling of Dynamic Recrystallization Behavior and Processing Map of 38MnVS6 Non-Quenched Steel


The dynamic recrystallization behavior of 38MnVS6 non-quenched steel was investigated by hot compression tests on a Gleeble1500 thermomechanical simulator. True stress-strain curves and deformed specimens were obtained in the temperature range of 850-1200 °C and the strain rate range of 0.01-10 s−1. By regression analysis of the experimental results, the critical strain model and austenite grain size model for dynamic recrystallization were established as a function of Zener-Hollomon parameter. The dynamic recrystallization kinetic model for 38MnVS6 non-quenched steel was established on the basis of the modified Avrami equation. In addition, based on the dynamic material model, the processing map of the steel was established at the strain of 0.5. It was found that the unstable phenomena of the steel did not appear at the deformation conditions. The processing map exhibited a domain of complete dynamic recrystallization occurring in the temperature range of 950-1200 °C and the strain rate range of 0.01-5 s−1, which were the optimum parameters for the hot working of the steel.

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  • 38MnVS6 non-quenched steel
  • dynamic recrystallization behavior
  • flow stress
  • processing map