Hot plasma chemical vapor deposition of GaN on GaAs(100) substrate


GaN films have been deposited on GaAs(lOO) substrates by a novel growth technique, hot plasma chemical vapor deposition. A radio frequency N plasma source with high power, up to 5 kW, provides an abundance of nitrogen atoms during growth. In addition, strong ultraviolet emissions from the hot plasma irradiate onto the substrate and promote the dissociation of triethylgallium, this results in growth of GaN at very low temperature (even at room temperature). In this paper, we describe the characteristics of hot nitrogen plasma and present the results of the low temperature growth of GaN. In addition, we have investigated the effects of the nitridation of GaAs substrates. Reflection high energy electron diffraction indicates the formation of a surface cubic nitrided layer on the pretreated GaAs. The GaN films grown on fully nitrided GaAs(l00) substrates are of dominantly cubic structures.

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Key words

  • Chemical vapor deposition
  • GaN
  • High power radio frequency plasma